domenica 9 maggio 2010

Brazilian Pearls

The Brazilian Funk Experience
Rare Grooves from EMI Odeon Vaults 1968-80 (Nascente, 2006)

[Dusty Groove America]: Looking for funky Brazilian grooves? You'd have a hard time doing better than this tasty little set - 20 slices of rare soul, funk, and jazzy tunes from the Brazilian scene of the 70s - all hand-picked by Patrick "Da Lata" Forge! The set's a tremendous introduction to the wealth of great music from this time -- and brings together a number of cuts that have crossed over big on the global groove scene inspired by Forge and Gilles Peterson, plus a number of other tracks that are lesser-known but equally great as the rest! Grooves often mix together electric and acoustic sounds, traditional and modern instrumentation, and feature arrangements that offer a whole new approach to rhythm than you'd hear in American work from the same stretch -- a really amazing sound that's presented perfectly here! Titles include "Garra" by Marcos Valle, "Bola De Meia Bola De Gude" by 14 Bis, "Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser" by Simone, "Maita" by Doris Monteiro, "Baoba" by Claudia, "Nereci" by Djavan, "No Baixo Do Sepateiro" by Meirelles, "Embalo Diferente" by Os Devaneios, "Que Bandeira" by Evinha, "Aquelas Coisas Todas" by Toninho Horta, "Algo No Ar" by Marcelo, "Banana" by Joyce, and "Trem Da Central" by Claudio Jorge.

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