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Best Videoclips 2009: Moray McLaren - We Got Time

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Descrizione presa dalla pagina di You Tube:
Using the 19th century technology of the praxinoscope, Wilson was able to create wonderful bits of animation with no assisting from the computer (well, no animation from the computer). Using both praxinoscopes and the technique of matching up the frame rate of the spinning record to that of the camera, no computer super-imposing was used; what you see is what rolled off the camera. The transitions between each section of animation was created by simply cutting or wiping between the bits of footage.
Prod co: Blink Ink
Director and Animator: David Wilson
Producer: James Bretton
DoP: Tim Green
Art direction: Will Randall and Hattie Newman
1st AD: Jerome Franc
RED camera ops: Nick Allsop and Jeff Brown
Motion Control: Dennis Henry at MC2
Editor: Mark Aarons
Post: The Mill
Colourist: James Bamford
Post Producer: Matt Williams

Making of:

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